Medication summary on the Depart

More patient friendly

Informs patient of which medications were sent to which pharmacy and which prescriptions printed copies were given

List stopped medications

User Group

The next user group meeting is scheduled for October 8th at 7AM in TKC 4th Floor Conference Room. For any questions or to add items to the agenda please email


Wednesday is Provider IMPACT training. Thursday is the IMPACT training for all other staff.  For problems or questions, please email


For issues please call the helpdesk at 4-8888.  If it is non urgent, you can email the helpdesk at  For questions, email



Optimization is available to assist clinics in using IMPACT more efficiently.  To request optimization help email

On the IMPACT Ambulatory Website

Learn more about:

  • IMPACT Ambulatory EHR System - Cerner Millennium
  • View training resources
  • Where to get the help your clinic needs

Resources you can find here:

  • Calendar of events
  • Training videos
  • Pictures of the screens you will use in IMPACT
  • Training tools such as extra class handouts
  • Contact lists
  • A place to “meet” the people who will be working with you to get your clinic ready for IMPACT Ambulatory.